Saturday, September 30, 2006

snapshots of food and music

The best Indian food we've had on vacation was last year, in Vietnam. We had a couple of good dinners in Delhi, but here in Goa the food has been remarkably unremarkable. Boring, trying too hard to be something for everyone. The "Indian food" has been adapted to be like bland American food, which in fact makes it worse than any Indian food we ever had at home. The Indian menu also includes Chinese stir-fry and Mexican quesadillas. Plus french bread and silly salads. And bad sushi, for good measure. All things to all people = nothing for anyone.

And the food in Goa is only outdone by the music:

Last night the live music accompaniment for dinner was a guy with a teeny-geenie organ, playing "Imagine" by John Lennon, alternating with two other songs of similar oddness for this place. Tonight: guys who appeared to be Mexican, one with a guitar and one with a mandolin, wearing hats and silly Mexican costumes, singing (badly) "Blowing in the Wind." At least the waiters appeared enthralled.

Weird, right?

Oh, and another off-putting thing about dinner is that, literally the second you put the last bite of food into your mouth, waiters swoop in from both sides to remove the dishes. They walk past us and we flinch, and guard our plates. It's just more of the same, really, pushing pushing pushing.

I hope that we find better food in Udaipur, and Jaipur. We probably will. This is a schmoozy resort, after all, and very little about it is Indian except for the people who work here. While this post and the last one may sound crabby and intolerant, we are having loads of fun being that way with each other. So tomorrow we return to real India.


marn said...

well, when you travel to, say, chicago, is the food at the chicago hotel good? Maybe, but it's probably bland and generic. There you go. :)

i'm excited to hear how your trip goes back in "real" india--drink chai, eat samosas, be merry! i lurve you!

GGRN said...

L ~ you have not posted for a bit ~ hope this means you are just having so much fun you do not have time to write on the computer. Do write a note when you have time........and give the elephants a snugle from me..... lov ya lil sis.