Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where we start and where we finish

Everything we do in India has something to do with Delhi, it seems. We fly into and out of Delhi, and all our inter-India trips (but one) involve an interim landing in Delhi. Before the trip is halfway over we'll be saying "Delhi again" with weary boredom, as if I were saying "New Jersey again".

So, we begin in Delhi. Our first hotel in India will be the Ambassador Hotel. Nice. It's apparently "nestled in six acres of lush greens in the exclusive Diplomatic Enclave of the city" so we'll see what "lush greens" means in this part of India. All I know is that we'll be kind of tired from our 14-hour trip (that departs Newark around 9pm) and we'll land in Delhi around 8pm on Friday. Tired and confused perhaps, ready for a good bed perhaps.

At the end of our trip, the last city we visit will be Varanasi, and we'll stay at the Taj Ganges. I have a feeling this bit of luxury will be necessary for me, the overly sensitive one of the couple, given what I have heard about the crush and sensory overload that characterizes Varanasi. But it's Varanasi I most want to see, of everywhere we're
traveling in India. Varanasi is the holiest city in India for Hindus; if you die there, you are immediately moved out of the cycle of reincarnation. I cannot wait to go there, even though MG warns me out of concern for my sensitivity, and LE's eyes got real big and he asked me if I know about Varanasi and am I sure I want to go. YES. I want to go.

So now the hotel info is covered. Next I'll start posting info about what we'll see and do in India, much more important and interesting than this hotel info. Of course, what I mean is what we plan to see and do in India. Plans change and you go with it.

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