Thursday, September 21, 2006

flying and time zones and stuff like that

Our flight takes off tonight at 8:45, we fly for 14 hours, and we land Friday night in Delhi at 8:15. I can't figure out what time it is there, relative to here; I'm told it's a difference of hours-plus-one-half. So 9.5 hours difference, or 8.5, or whatever. I also don't know if my posts will be time-marked according to the Indian time zone, or according to the NY time zone. I'll be time-confused for awhile.

Anyway, we'll be flying for quite awhile, so no posts until Saturday. I have no idea when that will be for you, so just check back.

Namaste to you, and safe travels to us!

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GGRN said...

OH Lori ~ how exciting.......CAN'T wait to begin the trip with you guys. love big sis........