Thursday, September 14, 2006


We arrive in India with rupees already in our wallets -- we'll get in late at night, and we'll be tired, and there'll be enough to do just trying to navigate the whole cab-to-the-hotel business. So today M went to the bank and picked up the rupees he ordered for us. Gandhi on every denomination!

I'm not sure why, but every one of the 50 rupee bills has handwriting on it. Usually a calculation, adding a couple of numbers, sometimes just a number, once or twice some kind of scrawl I couldn't understand. Funny.

Since we plan to rent motorbikes or scooters in Goa, M picked up our international driver's licenses yesterday. They're so big and unwieldy, and they don't cover us for motorbikes, since our US licenses don't cover that, but having them is better than not having them.

Tomorrow we begin our malaria medicine, and this time next week we'll be in the air. Counting days...

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