Sunday, October 08, 2006

what a weird world

We're sitting in our apartment in Manhattan watching the sun come up -- and we saw the last sunrise from a boat in the middle of the Ganges. It makes my mind tilt a little bit.

So we're home, after a very long day. Sunrise on the Ganges, personal tour of old Varanasi, flight to Delhi, hanging around the horrid Delhi airport for 6 hours, 15-hour flight to Newark (with screaming kids all around, of course), immigration/customs, luggage, shuttle to parking, driving home. A quick run to Starbucks so I can have some strong coffee again, plus a run for ice cream, and now I'm on my bed watching the sunrise out my window while Marc showers some of the long day away. Isn't that a really amazing day?

More to come after some snoozing and unreeling. I plan to go back through all the posts and elaborate where I can; often I was hurrying to get something up before my Internet time ran out, or before it was time to go do something. I'll be adding more photos and stories throughout.


kellynbreesmom said...

Your photos are quite lovely. I don't travel, but enjoy seing photos of places i will never go.

LDH said...

Thank you! That's very nice to hear -- I'm glad you enjoy them.